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9 tips on how to keep your truck clean and organized while on road

If you do trucking, then you must be going through cleaning and organizing issues with it. This happens to most of the truckers as they are usually focused on driving and reaching places on time and forget to pay attention to the cleanliness and organization of their truck. So if you want to keep your truck organized and clean then follow the tips below:

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Logistics Word of the Day: Pup

We all love puppies. Very few animals are more adorable. In trucking, there’s a different kind of pup. They’re also small in size (relatively) and some even might find them adorable too. Pups refer to containers that are just 26–29 feet long, instead of the standard 53 feet. Even though they’re half the size of a standard container, they can be hauled by any tractor trailer.

In logistics, pups are a great asset in terms of efficiency and flexibility. They are used frequently to deliver in urban areas with congested traffic and narrow roads, or anywhere where hauling a full-size container is difficult. They also give more efficiency to shippers with smaller shipments that don’t require a full container. They are also helpful for oversize loads, as they can be attached to another container for more cargo space.

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Introducing: Container Services

Quickload is in a constant state of innovation. We work hand in hand with shippers, trucking companies, and many other logistics professionals to keep our platform up to date with the industry and its needs. This is precisely how Container Services was born.

container service

This week we’re very excited to finally launch Container Services, a new feature within our app that gives shippers more flexibility when it comes to selecting the number, size, and type of containers they need to complete their shipment. This process makes it easier for shippers to find carriers with the necessary permits and equipment to pick up or drop off containers at the Port of Miami and the Port of Everglades. It’s definitely a step forward in making Quickload a full-freight solution for all of your shipping needs.

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Know your trailer

Not all trailers are created equal. There’s an ideal type of trailer for each shipment, and knowing which trailer works best in advance can save you headaches and delays in the long run. Let’s take a look at advantages and disadvantages the three main types of truck trailers.

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Empty Miles, Empty Wallet

There are two words no logistics professional likes to hear: empty miles. If a truck completes a delivery and returns back home 500 miles away with an empty container, it drove 500 empty miles. The term refers to the distance traveled while generating no income. Empty miles are a waste of fuel, time, and money. They make supply chains sluggish and inefficient.

Although they affect carriers more directly, shippers also stand to lose from too much empty miles. Carriers plagued by too many empty miles will face less revenue and increased costs. To stay afloat, they might be forced to pass these costs to the shippers. Empty miles are not only bad for carriers, they are bad for logistics in general.

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