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How to choose the right logistics partner for your business

Business is known as an activity which is conducted to earn profit. However, what is more important to anyone of us is when we are choosing the right business partner. In Freight Forwarders and shipping companies, there is a time when you actually need someone who can provide unconditional support to run your logistics. Choosing the right business partner can be very difficult, but at the same time if you know the ins and outs of a potential partner, then it can be easy. It is important that you consider many factors before making an important decision. Let us take a look at some of those factors when you are about to make this important decision:

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¡9 tips para mantener tu camión limpio y organizado mientras viajas!

Si eres conductor de camiones, entonces debes saber lo difícil que es mantener el camión organizado. Los conductores se enfocan en conducir y llegar a la hora de entrega específica, por lo que no le prestan atención a la limpieza y organización de su camión.

Hoy, te traemos un listado de tips que puedes seguir:

  • Mantén tu caja de herramientas organizada

Una de las cosas que genera más estrés es buscar herramientas y no encontrarlas, por eso te recomendamos que compres una caja dónde puedas almacenar todas tus herramientas y tenerlas organizadas.

En amazon.com puedes encontrar varias opciones.

  • Organiza tus documentos

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QuickLoad: Success Stories

Our partners visited us to chat about how QuickLoad brings efficiency to the trucking industry. Find out how they increase their businesses thanks to @quickloadapp.

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¡QuickLoad en WhatsApp Business!

WhatsApp, la plataforma de mensajería instantánea adquirida por Facebook en 2014, ha incrementado el número de usuarios en los últimos 4 años. A finales de 2017, la plataforma anunció la incorporación de ‘WhatsApp Business’, para que las empresas medianas o pequeñas pudieran comunicarse de mejor manera con sus consumidores.

Ahora, a través de la aplicación móvil gratuita, se puede dar servicio y atención al cliente. Los usuarios son los que deben primero contactar con la empresa antes de recibir mensajes de forma orgánica o patrocinados. En caso de que el cliente haya proporcionado su número de teléfono antes y accedido a recibir información, la empresa puede contactarlo.

WhatsApp for Business es una herramienta que busca que la relación entre empresa-cliente sea sencilla y veloz.

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Is technology a threat or opportunity to truck drivers?

Technology in recent times has taken many previously non-automated jobs in the industrial world, now according to reports, there are plans to launch the first automated truck. That is to say, we will start having self-driven trucks real soon. Computer scientists and economists say the threat isn’t merely theoretical: Automated cars pose an existential threat to the many Americans who drive for a living: 2.9 million truckers and delivery drivers, 674,000 bus drivers, 181,000 cab drivers and chauffeurs.

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Is This The Future of Trucking?

Elon Musk is no stranger to groundbreaking innovations. Through companies like PayPal, Tesla, and Space X, the entrepreneur has aimed to revolutionize the payment, automotive, and space travel industries, respectively. And he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Recently Musk announced that Tesla has its sights set on trucking.

In a conference held close to Space X’s headquarters, Musk unveiled the new Tesla Semi, an all-electric truck. If it looks radically different than a standard semi-trailer truck, it’s because it is. It has no big motor, no transmission, and its cabin seems like it was made for a spaceship.

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Leandro Finol and Antonio Ellek Join Quickload’s Board of Advisors

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two accomplished individuals to the Quickload Advisory Board, effective immediately.

Leandro Finol is a highly visible member of the Miami entrepreneurial ecosystem. He recently founded Platform Miami, which provides a playbook of best practices, execution, and Silicon Valley contacts to help early-stage entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

In his previous experience as executive director of The Idea Center at Miami-Dade College, Mr. Finol helped mentor the next generation of business leaders. The Idea Center offers a support network for MDC students and the Miami community to help make entrepreneurial ideas come to life.

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Unbound, Here We Come!

All this year we’ve traveled around the country visiting tech and logistics conferences and events. We’ve met amazing people, made great connections and, above all, learned many things that help us make our product better and better every day.

This time we won’t need to go very far because Unbound 2017 begins tomorrow right here in our hometown: Miami! Unbound is a global festival that connects brands and corporations with cutting-edge tech start-ups. Companies come to Unbound to learn about the latest technology and see how they can implement it to fuel innovation and growth.

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Introducing: Container Services

Quickload is in a constant state of innovation. We work hand in hand with shippers, trucking companies, and many other logistics professionals to keep our platform up to date with the industry and its needs. This is precisely how Container Services was born.

container service

This week we’re very excited to finally launch Container Services, a new feature within our app that gives shippers more flexibility when it comes to selecting the number, size, and type of containers they need to complete their shipment. This process makes it easier for shippers to find carriers with the necessary permits and equipment to pick up or drop off containers at the Port of Miami and the Port of Everglades. It’s definitely a step forward in making Quickload a full-freight solution for all of your shipping needs.

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Keep it Cool This Summer

Summer brings higher temperatures everywhere, especially inside a truck trailer. Did you know that the inside of a truck trailer that is not temperature-controlled can be over 30 ˚F higher than the temperature outside? So, for example, if it’s 90 ˚F here in Miami, the temperature inside a container can climb up to a scorching 120 ˚F.

It’s no wonder then that summer brings an increased demand for refrigerated trailers (also known in the industry as “reefers”) that keep temperatures cold and steady. This not only applies to shippers of highly perishable cargo such as produce who pretty much rely on refrigerated containers year-long. If you ship pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or any kind of cargo that can be damaged by fluctuations in temperature, refrigerated containers can be a must, especially in this time of the year, to ensure your shipment reaches its destination safely. Even cargo that can usually be transported in a dry van during cooler months can benefit from temperature control during the summer.

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