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Trucking Transformation Driven by Innovation

How to choose the right logistics partner for your business

Business is known as an activity which is conducted to earn profit. However, what is more important to anyone of us is when we are choosing the right business partner. In Freight Forwarders and shipping companies, there is a time when you actually need someone who can provide unconditional support to run your logistics. Choosing the right business partner can be very difficult, but at the same time if you know the ins and outs of a potential partner, then it can be easy. It is important that you consider many factors before making an important decision. Let us take a look at some of those factors when you are about to make this important decision:

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¡9 tips para mantener tu camión limpio y organizado mientras viajas!

Si eres conductor de camiones, entonces debes saber lo difícil que es mantener el camión organizado. Los conductores se enfocan en conducir y llegar a la hora de entrega específica, por lo que no le prestan atención a la limpieza y organización de su camión.

Hoy, te traemos un listado de tips que puedes seguir:

  • Mantén tu caja de herramientas organizada

Una de las cosas que genera más estrés es buscar herramientas y no encontrarlas, por eso te recomendamos que compres una caja dónde puedas almacenar todas tus herramientas y tenerlas organizadas.

En amazon.com puedes encontrar varias opciones.

  • Organiza tus documentos

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9 tips on how to keep your truck clean and organized while on road

If you do trucking, then you must be going through cleaning and organizing issues with it. This happens to most of the truckers as they are usually focused on driving and reaching places on time and forget to pay attention to the cleanliness and organization of their truck. So if you want to keep your truck organized and clean then follow the tips below:

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5 hábitos para convertirse en un camionero exitoso

El mundo del transporte por carretera no es tan fácil como parece; hay veces dónde el conductor se puede sentir frustrado. Mucha responsabilidad recae en los hombros de los camioneros y no sólo se trata de prestar atención mientras se conduce. Un conductor siempre debe estar preparado para enfrentar cualquier tipo de circunstancia que pueda ocurrir en el camino.

Aquí hay 5 hábitos que todo conductor puede adoptar para lograr el éxito:

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Shielding Your Cars from the Wrath of Summers

Even though the purpose of the Sun is to provide heat and light to the planets revolving around it, it seems as though our ball of fire is a bit over-efficient and over-enthusiastic in doing its job. When summers hit parts of the world, stepping out in the sun feels like jumping in a hot stove. While we may take a number of precautions to beat the heat, our beloved cars remain entirely dependent on us for protection. What we do can be life-defining for them, therefore it is important that one takes the right steps to safeguard his/her car. Following are a few tips to make sure your vehicle stays safe and happy:

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5 habits to be a successful truck driver

Five Habits that every Truck Driver must Adopt to be a successful trucker

The world of trucking is not as obvious as it seems. There are times when a trucker might feel frustrated because that’s what the job demands. It demands that a trucker should be able to take in frustration and find a way out of tough situations. A lot of responsibility is on the shoulders of a trucker and it’s not just about being attentive while on the road. A driver should always be prepared to deal with any circumstance that might occur during the drive. Here are a few habits that every trucker should adopt to achieve success:

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Amid tight US capacity, Quickload allows shipper to name price

Journal of Commerce (@JOC_updates) is one of the top Industry media outlets of US. A new article about Quickload by Chris Barnett is live now.

Take a Quick Look: 

“Faced with shrinking motor carrier capacity for its 450 international importer and exporter customers, one of Miami’s largest third-party logistics companies has launched its own app-based digital drayage brokerage, but with an innovative twist: the shipper, not a computerized algorithm, can ultimately name the price to haul the load.

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QuickLoad: Success Stories

Our partners visited us to chat about how QuickLoad brings efficiency to the trucking industry. Find out how they increase their businesses thanks to @quickloadapp.

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How to Save on Enormous Trucking Expenses

Are you an individual or company looking for ways to cut down on large expenses? Here we will break down some tips to help save money and reduce trucking expenses. See how these can help you or your company save money in the long run:

Tip One: Invest in Technology

Trying to save on trucking costs is no easy feat, and there is a way to let technology help you figure this out so you’re not alone. Platforms such as QuickLoad can help shippers, as well as carriers, be more efficient in their day-to-day business.

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