Even though the purpose of the Sun is to provide heat and light to the planets revolving around it, it seems as though our ball of fire is a bit over-efficient and over-enthusiastic in doing its job. When summers hit parts of the world, stepping out in the sun feels like jumping in a hot stove. While we may take a number of precautions to beat the heat, our beloved cars remain entirely dependent on us for protection. What we do can be life-defining for them, therefore it is important that one takes the right steps to safeguard his/her car. Following are a few tips to make sure your vehicle stays safe and happy:

  • Look out for possible battery damages!

While the world assumes that winters do more harm to a car’s battery than the summer’s heat, it is not the real case. Battery failures rise as soon as the world welcomes summers. A reason behind is the high rate of evaporation of battery fluid due to the heat outside. Due to this, internal corrosion gets faster. Checking for battery damages does not need an expert. If your battery looks cracked, bulged or appears to be leaking, it essentially means that it has been damaged. One thing drivers can do to protect them is to fasten the batteries securely inside the car to prevent excessive vibration. Cleaning battery connections for rust and corrosion using brass brushes is always a good idea too.

  • Tires need attention too!

These poor things are the ones in direct contact with the blistering roads and constant friction. These conditions are ideal for wear and tear and intense damage. The best way to protect them is to first understand that the market has tires specially designed for the summer seasons. Therefore, separating summer and winter tires is wise. Other than that, washing them, and coating them with wax reduces friction and heat effects on the tires. Another way to ensure their safety is by not overloading the car, as it increases inertia and braking distance. Lastly, usual air-pressure and alignment check-ups for the tire are musts.

  • Fill your car with fluids!

Lubrication is absolutely necessary for this heat. With Physics already in action, expanding your car gears and other parts, chances of corrosion increase significantly. Therefore, cars should be loaded with all the fluids- may it be braking-oil or transmission fluid.

  • Shady is good!

This is the usual routine hopefully everyone follows. Cars must be parked in the shade, should have windshields propped up and the air conditioning should work just fine. All of these maintain the interior temperature of the car and protect from damages.

The Sun, with its harmful UV radiations, can be very harmful to one’s car. They really cause adverse effects on not only the interior, but also the exterior portions of automobiles. All of them are easily avoidable in the case one really pays focus and attention to his/her vehicle. Following the aforementioned preventive measures can ensure the longevity of cars, and therefore should be practiced habitually.